Conference Room Rollout

As part of a headquarters buildout, our team worked to design and deliver several conference room AV systems for a government agency. The systems were designed with scalability to meet varying requirements for small, medium, and large conference rooms as well as break-out/huddle room spaces.

After the initial designs were authorized, rooms were deployed throughout the facility in a phased approach. Most rooms were outfitted with ergonomic collaboration furniture, such as matching conference tables and credenzas.

The technologies were standardized across the room types to ensure consistency in the user experience, efficiency in the design and build, and ease of future serviceability. The rooms were equipped with equipment from many of our core partners, including Crestron control, Polycom video conferencing systems, QSC speakers, Shure microphones, and Sharp displays. Our programmers worked with the government end users to develop custom control system interfaces that provide seamless and simple user control regardless of room type.