Range of Expertise

We are a multidisciplinary audiovisual communications firm with five distinct yet complementary practice areas. Our lines of focus include Shape [Interior Design], Construct [System Integration], Unify [Unified Communications], Assure [Information Assurance], and Sustain [Operations and Maintenance].

We strongly encourage a well-rounded approach to developing technology-based environments. Without accounting for all the critical factors that can impact space and functionality, the full capabilities and effectiveness of system technologies will not be realized. Our goal is to provide a structured, cohesive team of dedicated professionals with the abilities and experience required to maximize our client’s investment and optimize their potential for success.

How Clients Benefit from our Approach

We provide:

  • Qualified technical personnel on every project
  • State-of-the-market product awareness and insight
  • Tech-centric facility planning and finishing
  • Accreditation and certification experience
  • Streamlined solutions and extended technical support
  • Comprehensive project management

We dedicate ourselves to staying abreast of technology progression so that we can inform our clients on which product solutions are available and applicable to their specific requirements. By understanding our clients’ operational decree, we are able to provide the right talent and develop the appropriate solution that will assist them in meeting their objectives on time and within budget.

Our Practices


Our interior design practice aims to enhance spatial elements to optimize technology-intensive environments.


Our systems engineers and on-site integration teams consist of certified personnel with years of  industry experience.


Our unified communications solutions provide automated tools for real-time resource management and reporting.


Our information assurance experts assist in understanding and maintaining data and network security requirements.


Our operations and maintenance personnel leverage electronic support portals for responsive customer service.