What We Do

Our Work

While Bridges SI has a background in performing work for the federal government, we are striving to reach new markets with our expanding talent pool.  Our body of work encompasses everything from hanging a display to multi-classification secure systems to total operation center renovations.

The network of relationships and staff interest drive our focus, and we continue to seek to perform cutting edge collaborative environment design, engineering, and installation.


This is a survey of several of our recent projects. This demonstrates a small range of our capabilities, however it is a representation of the quality and depth of integration and environmental design that we care about here at Bridges SI.


To better demonstrate our reach and therefor understanding of the federal space we have compiled a limited listing of some of our past clientele to help our future clients understand the breadth of our knowledge and our ability to deal with directives and challenges alike.


In order to help perspective clients identify our competencies, we have compiled a list of basic solutions that are our core body of work, and we hope will help others understand our direction here at Bridges SI.


This is a United States map view of other integration firms we have vetted and have relationships with to help our clients accomplish their projects in regional sites across the nation, timely and on budget.


Our partnerships and history with industry leaders in various categories of vendor and technology manufacturing help us to stay on top of emerging technologies and certifications, as well as provide the best solutions for our clients.