Shape – Interior Design

Our approach to interior design, spatial planning, and environmental capacity enhancements is distinctive. By collaborating regularly with our system engineers, our interior design team harnesses essential technical and ergonomic insights to enhance workflow productivity, comfort, and aesthetics.

With expertise in system technologies and a foundation in interior design, our Shape practice strives to incorporate technology smoothly, creating spaces that are both highly efficient and environmentally friendly for our clients. Our designers consistently deliver designs that consider plane emphasis, acoustics, the ideal arrangement of technology, and the mission-critical activities specific to each client.

Our Shape capabilities include:

  • Technology and 3-D spatial relations studies, expanded ergonomics understanding
  • Space programming, schematic design and egress studies
  • Technology integrated millwork and furniture design
  • Specification of materials and finishes specific to collaborative environments
  • Client interior standard package addendums and modifications
  • Application specific lighting design

Construct – System Integration

We bring together top-tier system engineers and reliable staging/installation technicians to offer comprehensive design and build support to our clients. Our technical teams engage in ongoing manufacturer training and industry education to remain informed and adept with emerging technologies.

Our team delivers fully engineered solutions that integrate various disciplines for facility system integration, including:

  • Network bandwidth studies
  • Infrastructure diagrams
  • Audio, Video & Control Schematics
  • Base building Plans
    • Conduit Riser
    • Power specifications
    • Supplemental Technology MEP support
    • Rack elevation incorporating heating and weight loads

Unified – Communications

Our team consists of progressive thinkers who deeply understand integrated platforms that combine both real-time and non-real-time communications, along with resource management and reporting solutions. We strive to deliver exceptional user experiences through Common Operating Environments (COP) or User Defined Operating Environments (UDOP). Our approach results in comprehensive support systems that equip leaders and support staff with tailored tools for data collection, monitoring, and reporting.

By harnessing complementary technologies such as audiovisual, telecommunications, and information technology, we enhance our clients’ Return on Investment (ROI). We provide them with in-depth participation studies and utilization reports for optimizing networks and resources. Additional implementations may encompass mass-notification systems, digital signage, way-finding, and other campus-based technological solutions.

Assure – Information Assurance

We possess years of hands-on experience in information assurance, along with a comprehensive understanding of regulations and accreditations. We guide clients through federal mandates, industry-recognized standards, and best practices to reduce vulnerabilities and protect the distribution of sensitive data.

Government agencies have developed an extensive array of Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) for Information Assurance (IA)-enabled devices/systems. Our focus is on serving a select number of agencies to fully grasp the intricate, critical relationship between various classifications of equipment and each specific agency. Our approach to information assurance ensures that our solutions not only incorporate the latest products from the Approved Product List (APL) but also align with broader government objectives, such as the adoption of IPv6.

Sustain – Operations and Maintenance

We possess the necessary tools and expertise to safeguard our clients’ investments. Our approach is straightforward: we utilize certified professionals to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance of system functionality.

Our objective is to maintain workspace efficiency and extend the lifespan of equipment, offering our customers reassurance. We offer diverse training, service, and operational support options to guarantee that equipment systems operate seamlessly from the completion of the project to the end of the technology lifecycle.