About Us

Bridges SI, operational in the National Capital Region since 2010, is based in Northern Virginia’s core. We set ourselves apart in the audiovisual communications sector by delivering comprehensive technology-driven facility transformations. Our structure encompasses five main areas: interior design, system engineering and integration, unified communications, information assurance, operations, and maintenance. Our technical staff boasts top-tier industry professionals with extensive experience and a wealth of achievements and certifications. Through strategic corporate partnerships and vital connections with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors, we harness some of the finest products and solutions the modern technology market offers.

Our Headquarters

Situated on the outskirts of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, our role in the federal marketplace has been pivotal, and we take pride in our contribution to supporting the government. Our facilities boast over 10,000 square feet of warehouse and prefabrication/integration space, enabling us to conserve our clients’ time and money by minimizing the need for on-site scheduling.

Our Mission

To continue building and empowering a team of thought-leaders to endeavor to make meaningful contributions to our community by bringing relevant and applicable solutions to our clients.

Our Core Values

Partner Driven: At every level, we are supportive and accessible to all working together as a team.

Curious: We enthusiastically explore cutting-edge solutions to empower and secure.

Determined: We are persistent in our approach to building robust and future-proof infrastructures that facilitate smooth operation, secure data management, and efficient decision-making.

Sublime: We aspire to be forward-thinking and customer-driven with dependable, quality solutions.

Our Core Competencies

Our custom-designed solutions integrate interior design, mechanical, and electrical expertise with an in-depth knowledge of audiovisual systems. Each design is tailored to the client’s needs. Instead of leading with technology, our approach is informed by the organization, the space, and the unique objectives of the project. Our specialty lies in grasping the interdependent nature of the electronics and the client’s culture.

Bridges SI is comprised of the following five primary facets:

Shape (Interior Design)

Construct (System Engineering & Integration)

Unify (Unified Communications)

Assure (Information Assurance)

Sustain (Operations & Maintenance)

Our team is comprised of some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, bringing together years of experience and the most sought-after certifications. We have attained the pinnacle of accreditation for an audiovisual company, securing the AVIXA Certified Audiovisual Provider of Excellence (APEx) designation. In addition to this prestigious certification, we possess advanced training and certifications from leading industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including Crestron, AMX, Barco, Cisco, Extron, Planar, Polycom, QSC, among others.